• We treat Musculoskeletal
    injuries and provide evidence-based specialist care.

  • We treat Physical activity
    related medical illnesses

  • We treat work related
    and traffic accident claim injuries - Approved Injury Impairment Assessment

Who we are

Apex Sports Physicians

“Passion to deliver with compassionate care!”

You are very welcome to the home of excellence providing evidence-based quality care for your musculoskeletal and medical ailments related to physical activity.

We provide Specialist care for:

- Assessment and management of Acute Musculoskeletal injuries

- Non-surgical management of arthritis involving different joints in the body.

- Non-surgical management of tendinopathies and other soft tissue pathologies

- Working along with other specialists towards care for activity related medical illnesses

- Medical screening and arranging investigations for athletes in individual and team sports

- Injuries with work and Traffic accident claims

- Approved Injury related impairment assessment

Why Choose Us

Philosophy and Goal
Our philosophy is to live and enjoy life to the fullest while staying healthy and active. We are keen to contribute towards helping you to achieve your goals with a PASSION TO DELIVER WITH COMPASSIONATE CARE.

Dr. Khullar has immense knowledge and practical experience that makes him a trustworthy and skilled Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician. Along with providing excellent specialist care, Dr Khullar aims at educating his patients about their medical ailments and helps them to equally participate in making well informed decisions for their medical care.

Rest assured that you will receive excellent service based on the most suitable and individualised treatment plan.

Our Services

At Apex Sports Physicians, we provide effective healthcare services with a unique treatment plan for each patient aiming towards best possible care for them.

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Who are the Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians?

Sport and exercise physicians specialize in overall management of musculoskeletal issues and medical illnesses for all sports persons and active population. They utilize their experience with elite athletes and sports teams to offer effective and quality care to all the patients.
The treatment and management plans devised by them focus on safe return to activity and play, and the prevention of recurrence or further injuries.
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