Work Injury Claims

No matter which profession you work in or travel by road, water or air, the risk of having a musculoskeletal injury is always present. Dr Khullar provides medical care to the patient having these injuries irrespective of the cause of the injury. Dr Khullar is an approved injury impairment assessor providing his services for work related injury and Traffic accident claim patients. (

  • Does Dr. Khullar see patients with Work related injury and Traffic accident claims?
    Just like any other patient, Dr. Khullar also provides his services to patients with work related injury and Traffic accident claims.
  • How does the treatment procedure work?
    The ultimate objective of treatment is to get you back to work and improve the quality of your life as quickly as possible. Dr. Khullar will also interact with your insurers and case managers with your consent. His main focus is on giving evidence-based advice for the best treatment of the injuries. He is also open to providing medical reports to your lawyers or insurers, if asked.
    If you need to undergo any procedures in his clinic then Dr. Khullar will send requests to your case manager/insurers for prior approval for the procedure. This is meant to ensure that you have financial approval for the procedure.
  • Will the patient have to make any payment for the appointment and further treatment?
    The patients are required to pay the consultation and/or procedure fee on the day of the appointment. You can then claim the fee back from the insurer. There might be a modest out of pocket expense for the appointment and the procedure which will be explained to you at the time of making the appointment. We strongly suggest that you have an approved claim for the consultation and also ensure that you have an approval for the procedure before your appointment with Dr. Khullar.

    Dr. Khullar is available for consultation for Defence Force Medical reports.
  • How are the injured examined and assessed?
    On the day of the appointment, the injuries will be assessed and appropriate advice will be given for further investigations, if required. Based on the assessment, Dr. Khullar will discuss referrals and management of the injuries.
  • How does the candidate pay for the Defence force medicals in Apex Sports Physicians?
    Since the defence force medicals are not rebated by Medicare, you will be required to pay the fee on the day of the examination. All the details regarding the fee will be discussed with you while making the appointment. The total fee will vary, depending on the number and complexities of the injuries.
  • How many visits do the treatments involve?
    Generally, one visit is enough. However, this may vary in different candidates. More than one appointment might be required if there is a need for further investigations or referrals to other specialists.
  • How will the reports reach the Defence department?
    The medical department in the defence force generally asks the reports to be directly sent to them. Therefore, Dr. Khullar will send the medical report directly to them.
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