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Dr. Khullar is a highly experienced Sport and Exercise Medicine Specialist, who is trained in Orthopaedic surgery as well. He utilizes his unique set of expertise to treat, manage and give the best advice for all kinds of sporting injuries and other physical/ medical pathologies in athletes of different age groups. He has worked with athletes of varying sporting backgrounds and owns a skillset to help them with an individualised and focussed management plan.


Medical screening includes various medical questionnaires, physical tests and examinations that are performed to assess an athlete’s medical condition and identify potential problem areas; before participation in sports.

Dr. Khullar has worked with athletes both at amateur and elite levels and is qualified and experienced to perform a PPE (Preparticipation Physical Evaluation) for all athletes.

  • What are the aims of a medical screening?
    The main aims of a medical screening are:
    ● Screening for potentially life threatening conditions.
    ● Review of injury history for potential ongoing sequelae such as concussion, joint instability/degeneration, muscle strains.
    ● Identifying current illness, injuries and chronic medical conditions.
    ● Advise proper sport-risk management for players with chronic medical conditions.
  • Where is the screening conducted and what does the process of screening comprise of?
    The screening is conducted in private medical rooms. You will be asked to answer a questionnaire on the ongoing and past medical illness, drugs and supplements, ongoing or past injuries etc. This will be followed by clinical examination to identify at-risk conditions related to cardiac, respiratory or other body systems. Appropriate investigations, if needed, will be advised followed by medical advice for management of acute or ongoing medical illness or injury. The assessment during the medical screening also forms the baseline which can be used to compare injuries and body response to injury in future to plan adequate treatment as needed.


Apex Sports Physicians is a well-equipped unit to handle diagnosis, management and treatment of acute injuries, such as sprains, strains, contusions, fractures, etc.
In the first appointment, the injuries are examined and assessed along with the patient’s full medical history. Further investigation such as X-ray or other scans are then ordered as required, to better understand the injury and make a suitable treatment plan.

For most of the acute soft tissue injuries, initial treatment is started on the lines of the “POLICE” i.e., Protection, Optimal loading, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
For all the injuries, Dr. Khullar will determine the best course of treatment and help the player in getting back to the field at the earliest possible.


Dr Khullar advises investigations after thorough clinical examination and assessment. He can also help you by requesting rebatable MRI scans as per Medicare guidelines.

Further, he discusses the scans in detail rather than just focussing and treating you only on the basis of the report of the scan. He strongly believes in spending time on patient education about their injury and associated risks/ complications, the natural history and recovery times from the injury and to involve them actively in the management of the problem.


This program is designed to get the injured player back to his/her pre-injury training and functioning.

Being an experienced and qualified Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist, Dr. Khullar examines the athlete thoroughly and gives appropriate advice about the physical therapies to be followed. The return to sport program and advice given by Dr Khullar is criteria-based and not time-based. This means that once the players have achieved the goals set in the rehab program, return to sports can be made safely even if it is earlier than the previously anticipated time. This minimises the risk for future injuries and time lost in recovering from them.


Overtraining, supplements and doping are some of the issues that can adversely affect an athlete’s career and lifestyle. As much as it is important to train as an athlete, it is equally important to not take your body through a lot of stress and exertion while training. Overtraining can cause many complications and increase the risk of potential injuries.

Similarly, improper intake of supplements or doping can be extremely harmful. Supplements are usually required for recovery from training or for nutritional deficiencies. However, the biggest risk is taking supplements which contain prohibited substances. Dr Khullar has a wide knowledge base to provide advice on supplements. He has accompanied athletes for specimen collection in national and international events, when asked by the doping control officers. He can work along with your dietician to plan your diet for your best health outcome. He keeps himself abreast with the current and evidence-based information by attending regular courses through organisations like ASADA/WADA.

Dr. Khullar offers expert advice on these issues so that the athletes can maintain their sporting skills without causing any harm to their overall health.
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